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Summer Training

Summer training/ internship programs must correlate with the courses of study & with the way industry or potential workplace operates its business or work.

Generally during the summer training or internship the interns are either ignored or given totally useless jobs thereby wasting this precious time of the student's career. A proper career grooming demands a radical new approach to summer training or internship.

Professional Academy offers regular summer training/ internship programs for students to learn and gain real time work experience of the corporate world, where they get a chance to apply the fundamentals they have learnt into actual practice.

Professional Academy also offers high quality training courses that provide trainees with real-life experience. During internship, students can choose any of the programs offered to enhance their soft, technical & management skills along with live projects from corporate sectors.

Skill Enhancement Courses
Combinations of skills sets are required for most of the input requirements in corporate jobs. Thus variety of combinations of Soft Skills and Technical Skills have been developed by our experts based on specific job requirements :

Soft Skills Training

[360o Skills & Personality Development, Advanced Office Management... ]
Soft skills are essential basic skills for any corporate job or a corporate activity to be performed or even for becoming entrepreneur. The skills like computer proficiency, modern office management, business communications, team work, presentations skills etc., fall under this category.

Technical Skills Training

[Technical Courses, Sales & Marketing Series, Quality & Productivity...]
Technical skills cover the specific technical knowledge required to perform a specific job/ assignment efficiently.

Customized Training Programs

Based on the personal counseling and career aspiration of future job seekers, they can select a combination of above courses for preparing themselves suiting to input job requirement of the designated job function.

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